Structuring of Concessions and Public-Private Participation

DTP provides structuring services for public-private participation structures for the implementation of projects and the allocation of the corresponding operating concessions.

We advise in the following areas:

• Definition of the investment vehicle,
• Corporate governance rules,
• Statutory definition of the investment vehicle,
• Applicable financial model,
• Forms of compensation to the operator,
• Application of sanctions and deductions.

Implementation services

DTP also provides implementation services for public-private participation schemes. The implementation services include carrying out the activities corresponding to the verification of the status and operation of the equipment and other components of the systems.

Regulated protocols

The services provided by DTP in the implementation of the systems include the incorporation of protocols and technical-operational procedures for the proper functioning of the system, as well as the training of the personnel of the regulatory body for each of the tasks that they must carry out during the operation of the system. system.

Some examples of the implementation services we offer:

• The reception of infrastructure and equipment.
• The review of the terms of the concessions granted.
• Inspection and review of collection systems.
• Review of control and monitoring equipment.
• Inspection and review of facilities and equipment.
• Accompaniment to the implementation of the system:
    or Operation.
    or Communications.
    or Collection.
    or Infrastructure.
• The review and modification and preparation of supporting documents:
    or Review of the concession of the collection system, if applicable
    or Review of the operating concession
• Support in the elaboration of the system operation manual.
• Support in the preparation of the contingency manual.
• Support in the development of performance indicators.
• Support in the improvement of the trust.