Pipeline Integrity & Maintenance Services

DTP provides pipeline integrity and maintenance cost-efficient solutions for pipeline operators, including DIG repairs, geotechnical services and mechanical protection.

Health, Safety & Environment Managment

  • DTP applies an integrated safety management plan to ensure the integrity of your assets and the operational safety, industrial safety, and protection to the environment.

  • DTP takes a proactive and holistic approach to health, safety, and environment by focusing on it from an Occupational Safety (OS) to a Process Safety (PS) level, where:
        OS focuses on ensuring worker safety in the workplace.
        PS focuses on controlling of the work on site to control leaks and/or releases.

  • DTP assures the compliance with all applicable safety laws and regulations, progressively sets performance targets, and implements solutions that improve safety performance on each project.

  • DTP is committed to identify and assess risks, implement control processes, conduct reviews, and confirm fitness for work/task prior to work commencing.

  • DTP ensures that all employees have a safe working environment by providing training, tools, equipment, and consistent leadership.


Example of a Geotechnical remediation


Example of a Coating system repair


Example of a Mechanical Protection using HDPE Slabs


Safety Stand Down performed in our Projects.

Projects, Asset Integrity & Operations

  • DTP manages, inspects, and maintains your pipeline systems to deliver safe, reliable, compliant, and efficient operations.

  • DTP has a structured work planning and execution processes to manage and controls risk by identifying relevant hazards, implement preventive controls, procedures, processes, and tools based on criticality of the work being performed.

  • DTP manages the hazards and risk associated with design, pipeline maintenance, repairs, and construction services to deliver the most efficient execution through the life cycle of the asset.

  • DTP continually employ innovative solutions (i.e., HDPE Slabbing) to improve the integrity of your assets and comply with the local regulation, international standards and best practices.

  • Take advantage of the most experienced technical team in the industry. DTP offers solutions cost effective and tailored for a long-term investment horizon.


Safety Moment – Always our first activity prior to start any work

Example of a Mechanical Protection using HDPE Slabs

Our Numbers

Project Track Record

  • One of our main customer is TC Energy.
  • More than 40 successful projects since 2016.

Operation KPIs

  • Zero Incident for TRCR, AWCR and VIF.
  • 98% of project completion on time and budget.
  • 96% of project delivered at the highest quality.

Our Outcomes

  • 4 countries reached by DTP’s operations.
  • 300 high skilled manpower currently working.
  • 30y working with major players in the NG.