Financial Studies and Cost-Benefit Analysis

To determine the social and economic-financial profitability of investment projects to be able to obtain federal grants and/or financing, DTP performs the cost-benefit analysis and the economic-financial analysis in accordance with regulations issued by the Investment Unit of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit for the Registration of the Project in its Project Portfolio. DTP advises in the following areas:

The current situation of the investment project

This study identifies and describes the specific problems that justify the implementation of the investment project, which includes a description and quantification of the supply and demand of the goods and services associated with the project.

The situation with the investment project

This study describes in detail the investment project and its components, the most important technical, legal, and environmental aspects related to its execution, as well as the geographical location with georeferenced coordinates. Additionally, we determine an estimation of the projected supply and demand under the assumption that the investment project is carried out, to determine their interaction and verify that it contributes to solving the identified problem.

The socioeconomic evaluation

It is the evaluation from the point of view of society, with the aim of knowing the net effect of the resources used in the production of goods or services on the well-being of society. This evaluation includes all the factors of the project, that is, its costs and benefits, including externalities and indirect and intangible effects derived from the project.

The optimization of the current situation

This study specifies the optimizations of the current situation, understood as the administrative or low-cost measures that would contribute to optimizing the current situation. Likewise, a estimation of the supply and demand of the goods and services associated with the investment project, considering the identified optimizations.

The financial evaluation

It is the evaluation that allows determining the profitability of the investment project considering the monetary costs and benefits of the promoter. This evaluation allows us to determine whether the project can generate a sufficient flow of resources to meet all its obligations, including financial and fiscal obligations, as well as its operation and maintenance expenses.