Mechanical Protection

The Solution

  • DTP has led major HDPE plates as mechanical protection to minimize the number of leaks and ruptures caused by mechanical damage from equipment and tools.

  • DTP provide balanced, safe, accurate advice based on demonstrable competence and unparallel experience to ensure integrity of your assets is maintained.

  • Over the last years, DTP has implemented innovative solutions materials and techniques designed to keep costs down and help you to maintain a cost-effective operation and compliance with regulation.

  • DTP offers specialized integrity solutions such as the installation of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) mechanical protection to reduce the risk of third-party damage in the class location changes sites.


  • Class location change site evaluation – Pre-engineering.

  • Supply and installation of HDPE slabs for mechanical protection.

  • Remediation (Mechanical Protection) – Encroachment, new infrastructure and/or Construction activities within/near ROW.

  • Pipe Modification (HDPE Slabbing protective) – Class location change sites.