Remediation & Geotechnical Services

The Solution

  • DTP supports all key steps in your geohazard management to protect your pipelines from potentially adverse environment conditions and reduce risks.

  • The experts at DTP understand the nature of WOF Threat types, we have developed appropriate mitigation strategies to prevent incidents and impacts to your pipelines, public and environment.

  • DTP realized the importance to maintain a safe and reliable service. Our personnel have extensive experience in difficult terrains such as rock soil, steep slopes and high-water flow areas.

  • Our specialized services supports the completion of your planned pipeline WOF remediation activities in a timely and efficient manner.


  • Geohazard evaluation – Pre-engineering for the following WOF threats: Landslides, slips, subsidence & vertical/lateral scouring.

  • Geohazard management – Temporary and permanent remediation (Repairs).

  • Wash repair: Earth movement, soil stabilization and backfill, install rock shield, concrete mats and gabion baskets/walls.

  • Ground cover: Backfill, re-seeding and apply stone/riprap.

  • River/Creek crossing maintenance: Install riprap stone, grout mats & weights.