Pre-Investment Studies (Prefeasibility and Feasibility)

DTP carries out the necessary studies to execute an investment project in infrastructure and real estate.

The evaluation at the pre-feasibility level includes carrying out technical studies, quotes, and surveys, prepared especially to carry out the investment project analyzed. The information used for this type of evaluation is detailed and accurate in terms of quantification and valuation of costs and benefits.


DTP identifies, designs, and proposes solution alternatives and evaluates the infrastructure projects in order to ensure that they are suitable for obtaining financing. DTP advises in the following areas:


  • Main technical characteristics of the infrastructure project

  • Basic characteristics of quality of service

  • Pronóstico de la demanda para el proyecto

  • Conceptual, basic and detailed design of the project

  • Service operational design

  • Infrastructure and equipment design

  • Design of service operation systems (through public works or public-private participation schemes)

  • Design of the commercial exploitation systems of the service

  • Design of induced works and expropriations


As part of the preparation and review of the pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, DTP prepares and reviews the estimated investment and operating costs of the project and the analysis of savings and benefits for users.