Legal Studies

DTP prepares and reviews the legislation of the sector in Mexico, proposing the legal mechanisms and legal alternatives to adjust legislation, as well as drafting of all the necessary documents for the execution of projects. DTP advises in the following areas:

Change of Law

The study of changes in laws involves examining and analyzing the modifications made to the legal framework that affects an investment project. This type of study is crucial for the project to stay updated and comply with new regulations. The content of a study of law changes includes the contextualization of the study, the objectives, the previous legal framework, the identification of regulatory changes, the impact on the project, the measures necessary to ensure regulatory compliance, the risks and opportunities, the implementation process, continuous monitoring, documentation and archiving, and conclusions and recommendations. This study can be adapted depending on the specific nature of the project. The key is to carry out a thorough and proactive analysis to ensure that the project adapts effectively to legal modifications.

Institutional organization of the project

A study of the institutional organization to implement an investment project involves analyzing the structure, processes, and resources necessary within a government agency to successfully implement a specific project. The content that is part of this study includes the description of the investment project and the justification of the importance of studying the institutional organization for its implementation, a SWOT Analysis of the government agency, the description of the current organizational structure, the clear definition of the roles and responsibilities of each unit or individual involved in the implementation of the project, processes and work flows, human resources, internal and external communication, change management, risk management, implementation capacity assessment, the implementation plan with milestones and schedule, among other aspects.

Investment legal schemes

A study of legal schemes for an investment project involves analyzing and understanding the legal framework that directly or indirectly affects the project. This type of study is essential to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. The content that is part of this study includes the description of the legal and regulatory framework that affects the project, detailed analysis of regulatory compliance, identification of required permits and authorizations, analysis of land ownership and rights associated with the project, review of contracts and agreements relevant to the project, evaluation of exposure to potential legal claims, analysis of labor and employment laws applicable to the project, evaluation of environmental laws and regulations applicable to the project, analysis of the implications fiscal aspects of the project, the identification and evaluation of possible legal risks associated with the project, the analysis of the legal stability of the environment in which the project will be carried out, and a compliance plan, among others.