Environmental and Social Studies

DTP prepares and reviews the studies required to process and obtain environmental impact statements for the execution of projects, which are necessary to comply with environmental regulations, both in the construction stage, as well as in the operation of the infrastructure. DTP advises in the following areas:

Social management program

The main objective of a Social Management Program is to address and improve the relationships between the investment project and the communities or social groups affected by its operations. The elements that are part of the content of a social management program include social diagnosis (identification and analysis of affected communities and social groups and their expectations), social commitments, the development of plans and programs to address social impacts, the integration of responsible social practices in daily operations, active and meaningful participation of the community in decisions that affect them, implementation of sustainable development programs in collaboration with the community, support for educational, health and infrastructure projects in the community , monitoring and evaluation of social impacts, Conflict Resolution and the establishment of indicators to evaluate the performance of the social management program, among others.

Environmental management program

An environmental management program is a set of actions and strategies designed to manage and improve the environmental impact associated with an investment project. The elements that are part of the content of an environmental management program include environmental diagnosis, environmental objectives, plans and programs to address environmental aspects, actions for their implementation, monitoring and measurement, evaluation of regulatory compliance, communication and participation, review and continuous improvement, biodiversity conservation, waste management and energy efficiency. These are just some aspects of an environmental management program, and the specific content may vary depending on the nature and scope of the investment project.

Application and management of the framework of environmental and social safeguards

The environmental and social safeguards framework management refers to a set of measures and procedures implemented to prevent, minimize, and mitigate the potential negative impacts of an investment project on the environment and communities. The content that is part of a safeguards management system includes the commitment to compliance with environmental and social regulations and standards, the identification of risks and impacts, the selection of technologies and practices that minimize negative impacts, public participation and consultation, the environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA), the environmental and social management plan, the establishment of a continuous monitoring system to evaluate the effectiveness of safeguard measures, emergency response mechanisms, transparent communication and review and continuous improvement.