DIG Repairs

Excavation, coating system and pipeline repairs.

The Solution

  • DTP has developed proven, structured methods for implementing an excavation and repair procedures for planning and conducting excavations and pipeline repair methods for damage and defects on your pipeline systems.

  • DTP is committed to meet or exceed the Municipal, State or Federal requirements governing excavation and Qualification program under DOT, whichever is more stringent.

  • DTP developed a quality check to ensure a safe working environment considering all relevant information pertaining to the excavation such as drawings, procedures, pre-jobs, local markers, JSAs, Work permit, qualifications, etc.


  • Excavation (Dig) – Location and Verification of defects:
        • Dents, Growth, Girth Weld, Hard spot, Corrosion, etc.

  • Coating repairs:
        • Coal Tar Enamel, Epoxy-Based Flow, Fusion Bonded Epoxy.
        • Hydrophobic, Polyamide, Polyurethane Coating.

  • • Temporary and permanent repairs:
        • Sleeves Type A & B or Clamp, Composite and welded


Coating system works


Rockshield installation works