Project Management

We guarantee a project evolution with certified quality and process efficiency.

Your project is in the right hands.

DTP provides specialized services for comprehensive project management. As a project manager, project director, project leader or project manager, we take full responsibility for the planning and successful execution of any project. One of our most important tasks is the recognition of risks that directly affect the chances of success of the project, and the constant measurement, formal and informal, of said risk throughout the life cycle of the project.

Most of the problems that affect a project are related in one way or another to a risk. For this reason, we anticipate and reduce risks significantly, and we maintain an open communication policy, ensuring that each participant (dealer, contractor, or supplier) has the opportunity to express their opinions and concerns.

As a project manager, we help make the necessary decisions in such a way that risk is controlled, and uncertainty is reduced to a minimum. Every decision made by DTP as project manager must involve a direct benefit to the project and our clients, from project design to construction and commissioning.