About Us

Desarrollo Tecnología y Planeación, S.A. de C.V. (Mexico) and its representative offices in Colombia and Nicaragua.

Who are we?

We are an engineering services company with 40+ years in infrastructure development that specializes in providing a wide range of services related to the planning, design, supervision, management, and maintenance of infrastructure projects. These infrastructure projects can include roads, bridges, buildings, transportation systems, water and sewer systems, gas & power, industrial facilities, and more.

  • Design and planning of infrastructure projects.
  • Feasibility assessment and technical-economic-financial-legal-social and environmental feasibility studies for infrastructure development.
  • Structuring of public-private projects.
  • Management and supervision of construction and execution projects.
  • Traffic and transport engineering.
  • Civil and structural engineering.
  • Electrical and mechanical engineering.
  • Environmental engineering and sustainability.
  • Consulting in geotechnics and foundations.
  • Project risk and safety management.
  • Cost engineering and budget estimating.
  • Environmental impact assessment and regulatory compliance.
  • Facility Inspection & Verification
  • Integrity and maintenance services for natural gas transmission and distribution systems
  • Buildings (Hospitals, Prisons, Museums, Shopping Centers, Research Centers, etc.).
  • Energy industry.
  • Transport and roads sector.
  • Water and sewerage sector.
  • Telecommunications and technology infrastructure.
  • Industrial and manufacturing sector.

We adopt advanced technologies, such as 3D modeling software, data analysis, geographic information systems (GIS), BIM (Building Information Modeling) and other tools to improve efficiency and accuracy in project execution.

Since infrastructure projects are highly complex, we collaborate with a wide range of professionals, such as architects, urban planners, economists, lawyers, and environmental consultants, to address multidisciplinary aspects.