DTP American Holdings Corp. and Development Technology and Planning, LLC. (USA)

It is a company specialized in offering pipeline integrity & maintenance services for natural gas installations. Our mission is to ensure the safety and efficiency in the use of this vital resource, ensuring that all assets comply with established standards and regulations.

DTP USA (DTP) provides engineering, consulting, and specialized integrity services for more than 40 years, directly or through its subsidiaries in various industrial sectors such as Oil and Gas (Midstream), Electric Power, Infrastructure, Public services, etc.

DTP is one of the most experienced consulting firms and offers specialized integrity solutions for natural gas pipeline systems to guarantee full compliance with local regulations (i.e., DOT), international standards (i.e., ASME) and industry best practices (i.e., API).

DTP delivers superior integrity services and solutions to the private and public natural gas Companies. With a workforce competent and specialized to manage asset integrity, pipeline maintenance and construction services.

DTP is uniquely equipped with the engineering capabilities, pipeline maintenance expertise, and technical support services necessary to ensure the safe operation, reliability, and integrity of your assets.