Bienes Inmuebles y Tecnología, S.A. de C.V.

It is a company dedicated to the verification and confirmation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions generated by projects that seek to mitigate climate change. These projects can cover a wide range of activities, from transport to renewable energy and energy efficiency and sustainable management of natural resources. Validation and certification of carbon credits are essential to ensure that the carbon credits issued are legitimate and reflect verifiable carbon emission reductions.

Services Offered:

  • Project Validation: The company validates emission reduction projects to determine if they meet the requirements and standards of the carbon programs.
  • Methodology Evaluation: Helps project developers design and evaluate methodologies to quantify and verify emission reductions.
  • Technical Audits: Conducts technical audits and on-site reviews to verify compliance with methodologies and data accuracy.
  • Issuance of Carbon Credits: Once it has been verified that the project has achieved genuine emission reductions, the company manages the entire process of certification and issuance of carbon credits that can be sold on the carbon markets.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Provides continuous project monitoring services to ensure that emission reductions are sustained over time.



  • Compliance with Standards and Protocols: Ensures that projects comply with international standards and verification protocols, which is critical for the acceptance and trading of carbon credits.


Education & Consulting:

  • Technical Advice: Provides technical advice to companies and organizations on how to develop and manage emission reduction projects.


Relations with Carbon Markets:

  • Access to Carbon Markets: Helps carbon credit holders access carbon markets and sell their carbon credits.


Sustainability and Social Responsibility:

  • Promoting Sustainability: Promotes sustainable practices and corporate social responsibility among the organizations and projects they verify.


It plays a critical role in the fight against climate change by verifying and authenticating the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Their work is essential to ensure integrity and transparency in carbon markets and encourage the adoption of sustainable practices.